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Hi! I'm OZ.

I produce

OZ always goes above and beyond, which makes every one of his production a success. (…) I can always expect a smooth run of show, happy clients, and a clear and extensive wrap binder that gives me the info I need down the road.

– Quentin Frismand, Producer (Donut Media)

OZ is hard working, knowledgeable, funny and an overall asset on any production!

– Autumn DeVitry, Executive Producer, Awesomeness

(…) able to be counted on to deliver a finished production on budget and on schedule. In addition to his solid work ethic and skill set he also conducts himself with a high degree of humor and bonhomie, which makes hiring him again for future projects a no-brainer.

– Jeremy Chilvers, Line Producer, DreamWorksTV

OZ is very resourceful. Especially on set, he comes with a magic wand, ready to make things happen.

– Éli Sokhn, Director & Producer

When you ask OZ to jump not only will he ask you how high, but he’ll confirm in centimeters or inches and he’ll do it in his adorable Turkish accent. Kind, honest, and hard working (…) OZ Ozmen has a job on any and all of my productions.

– Dustyn Lotz, Writer & Producer