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Hi! I'm OZ.

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About Me

I am a budgeting wizard for under 1M Productions. 

I am a line producer who improves production resource management by creating tools to forecast, track and manage budgets, costs and schedules. I produced various types of content for digital media while working for Awesomeness, DreamWorksTV and First Media – including DIY, reality, lifestyle, food, beauty, comedy videos and direct response advertising.

Over the years in my production career, I have been given the opportunity to work with brands like Sesame Street, Disney, Ford, Lexus, DreamWorks, Turkish Airlines, Universal Studios, Playboy to name a few. I managed a feature film, produced an award winning short film, worked with famous rock stars and internet celebrities, line produced live events and top brand commercials as a freelancer.

Since 2017, I own my production company in Los Angeles, Wonderful Wizard, to offer a one-stop-shop to create a video production for short form content. For my clients; calling me is enough to assemble a production team that will bring their project to success.

Currently, I am getting my start up Wizardy off the ground to will revolutionize film and video budgeting.

Below are some of my works as a Producer and a Line Producer.

Interested in Film / Video Budgeting & Scheduling Sheets?

Soon, I will be sharing advanced Google Sheet for filmmakers, YouTube video creators and music video producers.

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