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Get to Know Me!


Simply put, I am a dream maker.

I specialize in manifesting the vision of the director to the screen within the best possibilities of budget and the schedule. Creatives dream; I make their dream a reality.

About me: earth citizen, entrepreneur spirit, and a Producing graduate at UCLA Extension. I manage and oversee the budgeting, scheduling, physical production, and post-production processes for digital media, including web-series, videos and branded content. In last few years, I  managed a feature film, produced an award winning short film, worked with famous rock stars and internet celebrities, line produce top brand commercials and a major live streaming event.

Over the years in my production career, I have been given the opportunity to work with brands like Sesame Street, Ford, Lexus, Lego, DreamWorks, Turkish Airlines, Universal Studios, Marvel, Playboy and have worked with major influencers like Logan Paul, Meg DeAngelis, Cameron Dallas, Merrell Twins, Niki and Gabi, Caeli, Hayes & Nash Grier to name a few. I am Interested in short-form content production, by offering my skills and experience to digital and commercial production companies.

In 2017, I opened up my own company (Wonderful Wizard) to serve as one-stop-shop for production services.  I have a network of talent; cinematographers, designers, and an army of production and post production professionals on my contact list – which I work frequently with. For my clients; directors, producers or agencies, calling me is enough to assemble a production team that brought their project to success.