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Wonderful Wizard

In 2017, I started my own company, Wonderful Wizard, in Los Angeles to offer a one-stop-shop production service to my clients. I built all the necessary set up to create a video production for short form content, especially branded content and commercials (such as Facebook ads or product videos) from 25K budget to 250K.

I have a network of talent I frequently work with such as directors, writers, co-producers, cinematographers, editors, production designers and other production and post-production professionals. Over the years, I served my clients with the large amount of contractors in my contacts list. For my employers; directors, co-producers or agencies, calling me is enough to assemble a production team that brought their project to success.

Also, I have access to the accounting and insurance set up to not only submit a proper budget, but to work within that budget and make what I promised happen.



Branded Content / Facebook Video Ads

I have a Advertising BA from Istanbul Bilgi Laurette University, Marketing Communication degree from London Middlesex University and Producing Certificate from UCLA. I have worked with brands like Ford, Lexus, Dodge, Lego, Marvel, to name few. I will be able to support your brand in their content creation in digital arena. My team will handle the production of your Facebook Video Ads or Brand sponsored Web Series and anything in between for your brand.

Line Producing

If you have a creative team assembled but looking for a team to support on logistical elements (such as locations, transportation, coordination, arranging catering & crafty, handling paperwork, hiring rest of the set professionals and manage all the budget lines for you) me and my team are ready to make your life easier.

Live Events

With variety of contractors in our fingertips, we can provide Instagram Live or YouTube Live videos to your clients, organize your entire event and/or film it to make an impactful content.

Product Videos

In the age of digital shopping, existing in online market is not enough. We have a team that can film your product, unpacking, assembling, setting and using your product – so your viewers turn into buyers.

OZ has earned my respect as a trusted commodity, able to be counted on to deliver a finished production on budget and on schedule.

Jeremy Chilvers

Producer, DreamWorksTV

OZ always goes above and beyond. I can always expect a smooth run of show, happy clients, and a clear and extensive wrap binder that gives me the info I need down the road.

Quentin Frismand

Production Operations

About Me

Over the years in my production career, I produced various types of content for digital media while working for Awesomeness, DreamWorksTV and First Media – including DIY, reality, lifestyle, food, beauty, comedy videos and direct response advertising.

I also have been given the opportunity to work with brands like Sesame Street, Disney, Ford, Lexus, DreamWorks, Turkish Airlines, Universal Studios, Playboy to name a few. I managed a feature film, produced an award-winning short film, worked with famous rock stars and internet celebrities, line produced live events and top brand commercials as a freelancer.

Since 2017, I own my production company in Los Angeles, Wonderful Wizard, to offer a one-stop-shop to create a video production for short-form content.