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Rent Installment Calculator

I built this G sheet template for my freelancer/gig worker friends who may be having difficulty making their rent payments during social distancing. You can use this tool to offer a financial solution to your landlord or creditor.

Click here and make a copy!

How to use the Rent Installment Calculator Google Sheet template


You will need a google account or gmail in order to use google sheets. It’s free.

First click on the link and make a copy of the document.

Once you open the google sheet, you will see there are 4 cells that you can input your data. You can play with this numbers in this cells to find the most suitable installment plan.

In this sheet, the cells that requires user input are with white background. Scroll down to find first white cell.

1- Input your rent amount

2- Input the amount you can pay

This is for you to decide the lower rental rate that you are able to pay. The difference will be your debt. In the next section calculator will ask for how many months you will be able to pay only that amount.

3- Input the amount of months you are requesting to pay the lower rate.

Altho it may be early, depending on your upcoming gigs forecast how many months you will ask to pay the rate you input on the cell before.

4- Choose the duration, number of months, you will pay off your debt

Check your “Total Debt” and suggest a monthly plan here in this cell. The more months you select, the smaller your monthly installments would be – but harder for landlord or creditor to accept.

Last thing is taking a look at the plan and see if it works. If it doesn’t, change the white cells above.

Stay well, stay safe.

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